Three-Tiered Filtering System

Site Database- Using a large database of Web sites containing Adult Material, sites are discovered with SmartSearch+ an advanced self-learning web searching system, and then automatically transmitted to each of the server sites during the early morning hours.

Rating Codes- Several Internet standards are emerging for voluntarily rating inappropriate content on the Internet. Our filtering system supports all major content coding mechanisms, automatically blocking documents whose authors believe that they contain adult content.

Stop Words- Our filtering system scans and blocks documents and search requests containing words and phrases which research by Newspaper Internet Services has shown indicate the presence of sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate material.

Internet sites with content that is not appropriate for all audiences fluctuate daily. As a result, it is not possible for any filtering software to provide 100% coverage at all times. Our filtering system constantly patrols the Internet for new problem sites and quickly corrects any errors or omissions reported.

We feel we have one of the safest methods of protecting families from pornography today. Because the Internet is changing daily, we cannot guarantee a 100% porn-free atmosphere. The danger of finding an offensive site is greatly reduced, however Bauer Communications recommends that children be supervised when surfing the net.