Win 95 Dial Up Instructions to BauerCom.Net


Double click the My Computer Icon at the top left hand side of your screen.

Double click the Dial Up Networking Icon. (If you donít see this Icon, use the arrow at the lower right corner of this window to scroll down until it appears)

Double click the Make New Connection Icon.

A dialogue box will appear and say; Type a name for the Computer you are dialing.

In the box type; BauerCom.Net.

Press Next.


A dialogue box will appear and say; Type the phone number for the computer you want to call.

Under area code type 541. Under Telephone Number type 344-4645.

The country code should default to United States of America.

Press Next.


The next dialogue box will say, You have successfully created a new dial-up network connection called BauerCom.Net

Press Finish.


A new Icon will appear. Click the right mouse button on that Icon.

Left click on create shortcut.

If you get the error message: Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop?

Click yes.

(If you donít get the above error message, drag the new Icon onto the desktop.)


Double click the Icon Shortcut to BauerCom.Net.

A dialogue box will appear.

User name: type in your user name, all lower case please.

Password: Type in your password, all lower case please. (It will appear as xís)

Click on the box: Save password.

Phone number: It should say 344-4645 (with or without the hyphen).

Dialing from: It may say Default Location. Leave this alone for now.

Press: Dial Properties


A new dialogue box will appear and say;

I Am Dialing from: You can ignore this box or if you have more than one computer, you can type in your present location i.e. home, office, school, etc.

Check or answer the appropriate boxes as needed for your phone service.

Of special note is the box that may be already checked, it says;

This location has Call waiting. To disable it dial

If you have call waiting the box to the left must be checked. In the box to the right, press the down arrow and select *70. (If you donít do this, you will be disconnected from the internet when someone tries to call you.)

If you donít have call waiting, click the box to the left to uncheck it.

When done Press OK Congratulations! You are now setup for Internet access.