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The Visible Human Project.

The Mining CO. Network of quality sites on all topics. Highly recommended.

Classics for Young People. A growing number of children's literature classics are out of copyright, and are among the books available in full-text on the Internet. Here are some of the more popular and interesting titles that are available in HTML format.

The Children's Literature Web Guide

The NASA Homepage

image36.gif (991 bytes)JET PROPULSION LABORATORY & NASA's site with information and news on space exploration. Images from space can be found here.

Family Education Network

The World Wide Web Virtual Library
Hosted by Stanford U. It has links to topics such as Agriculture, Computer Science, Communications and Media, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Information Management, International Affairs, Law, Industry and Economics, Recreation, Regional Studies, Science, and Society.
The VL is the oldest catalog of the web, created by Tim Berners-Lee, who also created the web itself! Unlike other catalogs and search engines, it is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert. While it doesn't have the same breadth of coverage of the commercial or robotic indexes, pages in the VL are usually far more useful, due to the care and expertise that has gone into writing them.

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